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Pokemon began as a Game Boy game called “Pocket Monsters.”
Monday, January 17, 2011

Yesterday I hanged about the City alongside Nina and Khanhly. Our plan was to
 read books in Borders and watch a movie but we didn't feel like reading considering
Borders seems to not own many reading chairs and the movies available now, don't
 interest us so we chilled at State Library's entertainment centre just talking and laying
on comfortable cushions for the remainder of the time, quite nice I would say.

Going out, I always have to fit in Jewelery shopping and I luckily came 
across this Harry Potter bookmark at Borders priced at $1. The ring 
& short necklace was on sale for $3 each and I got this Bandeau top from 
Cotton On Body to wear under low scooped singlets and shirts for $2. 

Bodysuit - Cotton On Body / Skirt - Cocolatte
Bag & Belt - Vintage / Socks - Sportsgirl 
Shoes - Rubi Shoes / Necklace - Diva

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