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A man earned the nickname "The Cat" for coming back to life 9 times!
Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh, how ugly words have the potential to be appealing with a floral backdrop.
 I evidently changed my layout because the previous one made me feel like I 
lacked or lost my motivation for updating, hence the uneven updating. Well 
Melbourne's weather is finally looking up, it has been raining constantly ever since 
Monday morning and that left me no choice but to stay home and be anti-social.

Teen Vogue editorials are always cute and fresh, I have more 
to upload sometime. Sadly I finished the Misfits Season 2 and
I'm left to impatiently wait till November until Season 3 is released but 
in the meantime I'll be starting Gossip Girl season 3 and so on.

background music: 
Happily Ever After - He Is We

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