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IKEA stores are designed like a maze in order to prevent customers from leaving.
Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm feeling extremely irritated that my school website has not updated the
timetables yet, it's the only way that informs all of the students what class they're in
this year. Last year it refreshed on the 25th but now it's the 27th and I have no
clue when it would change, it's very agitating because I start school in a week and I
need to begin buying all the back-to-school essentials, actually I wouldn't be surprised
if it updates after I submit this post, cause' it's just plain unpredictable.

Last night I came across this boy's amazing tumblr - samzilla.tumblr.com
It kept me up all night, I truthfully read every single thing written on each page.
Yeah, it pretty much interested me that much. Especially the posts under #writing.
Reading all of his posts he seems like such an ideal guy; talented, humorous and
'real' regardless of him having a girlfriend, I will be paying visits to his Tumblr like I
do for 3 other Tumblers, i don't think i should name them just yet.

I advise you readers to watch this video: vimeo.com/11222689
For safety sake and the fact that it's related to the samzilla's girlfriend which will be
revealed in a future post. If you want me to draw you in, it's about a group of
friend's that are involved in a car accident and the insight on how it affects each
person. It's 100% worth it and you definitely won't regret it.

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Inside Of You - The Maine

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