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The color orange was named after the fruit.
Friday, January 28, 2011

This Friday morning, I woke up the earliest time on record for this
Summer break, it was 8 o'clock and the reason behind this awakening was to
actually be punctual to Cathy/Jenny's house, in fact I came earlier than the 
proper time because my brain lacked too much sleep and made incorrect
 decisions, I even forgot to put any bracelets/rings on which is exceptionally 
disgraceful for a person like me.  

Top - Vintage / Skirt - Cotton On / Blazer - Factorie / Belt - Bardot

We headed to Bardot Factory with a few complications on the way but I was 
satisfied with getting more formal-wear to add to the options for the upcoming
 wedding. I found out that the entire section of "Faulty $5" get's updated literally
 everyday, these racks of clothes is where I normally rummage at throughout the entire 
stay. Yeah i'm cheap like that. After that we went to Supre Factory, I was not in 
the right mood to put concentration and effort into finding clothing there so I 
only left with one printed singlet.

I need to make some small modifications to some of these dresses, 
like the hems needs to be a touch shorter since it suits my petite 
shape more. My favorite item I bought today was the strapless 
black dress. I love the scalloped detail on the neckline and how it has 
pockets here's a slightly better image of it.

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