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You don't have to worry about 2012.
Monday, December 13, 2010

Today was the most distressing day to date (for me) cause'
Me and Mary were jogging towards the Craigieburn train just before it 
departed. When the voiceover were saying "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors"
I leaped into the carriage making the doors immediately open just a touch. 
So I thought Mary would've jumped on by now. Until I turned around 
and she's on the other-side of the closed door. I instantly pushed the button thingo 
so it can reopen but it wouldn't budge at that instance the train started moving. 

The items i bought from Cotton On in DFO Southwharf.
- New pencil holders box $3
- Sunnies $2 each (!)

I was separated from Mary who can't possibly contact me. 
Firstly I returned to Flinders station but when I arrived there she was 
no where to be seen. This was when I began to get emo and stressed. 
I called her twice using pay-phone but all it did was eat up my money.
My last hope was to go all the way to Broadmeadows station and hopefully 
she'll be there waiting. The train ride there felt incredibly long and lonely. 

 Thank God Mary was there waiting for my arrival.
 I can't even explain how happy we both were. 
This mishap made us lose 30 minutes of precious shopping time. 
I think my train carriage had a bullet attack i'm not sure. 
But i'll save that story for another day, now unto what i bought.

Supre Factory Outlet.
- Lace dress $20 (originally $50) (above)
- Floral skirt $10 (originally $25) (above)
- Pink cat printed singlet dress $2.50 
- Crayon printed skirt $2.50 (yes really) 

I'm not a big Supre fan, it's just not my style. 
I like buying the items that doesn't look like it's actually from Supre. 
Like for instance that cat top or the crayon skirt (above).
 But excluding the dress, I really needed a black bodycon dress & the 
skirt is just perfect for the beach since it's ultra short and flimsy.
The crayon skirt looks like a piece of weird 80s fabric here but trust me 
when it's on my body it surely looks very 'me'.

Top - Factorie / Shorts - Jayjays / Jacket - Cotton On
Rings - Diva, Equip, Lovisa / Badges - Equip / Necklaces - Diva, Factorie
Anket - Diva / Shoes - Rivers

These are the loafers i bought in Rivers last week. 
They are so comfy and cute at the same time. 
I need to buy more in different colours.

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