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Yawning is not caused by boredom or tiredness.
Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Christmas spirit has faded along with my holiday inspired nails.
Evidently I switched the layout for a more plain jane one as for my nails it's now a rich
colour of teal, besides my 2 middle finger which are coated in galaxy black.
Honestly my family doesn't even celebrate Christmas despite being Catholic,
we don't even own a Christmas tree well we use to it was a miniature electric blue
one which I haven't seen of since the 5th grade. The only 'presents' I receive is money
that I traditionally waste the following day in the Boxing Day sales.

Well I should go sleep now, before my mother tells me for the third time.
 Hope you at least like the new layout, I know you readers were probably
sick of the whole Christmas theme and especially the music.

background music:
And She Said - To be Juliet's Letter

ps - Follow this fellow Perth blogger; autilia.blogspot.com

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