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Unlike most cats, tigers love water.
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wooo, last day of classes for 2010 and also being classified as a Year 8. 
Finally I can freely paint my nails without feeling any sort of paranoia.
 I'm pondering between what summer hues to coat my nails or if i should do a 
Christmas theme. Green base and red tips? perhaps, perhaps. 

To end the last day of school my friends and I planned to head to the beach, 
but the weather turned disastrous during the day so we switched last minutely 
to Harbour town however we assumed it closed at 5pm therefore we 
changed our decision and went to DFO Spencer street. 
I got 2 shorts, bodysuit and a top. But lamely there are no images 
online of the clothing so i won't bother elaborating.

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