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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday began with sweltering heat, and a trip down to Highpoint. 
The whole point was to only buy Silky Mit which is a hair removal product 
however considering the inexpensive price range it was sold out in all 
pharmacies. So to waste the remaining hours, me and Katherine 
read magazines, collected editorials and snacked on deep fried food. 

When I was checking out the Harry Potter series my eyes came across
this box it literally looked like it belonged to State Library cause' it had 
that old historian effect and omg the pages are like shimmery gold. 
I was completely shocked to see the pricing, i didn't expect it at all. 
I really, really, really, really, really, really want it. 

1- Skull double ring / Sportgirl - Headband / Equip 
2- My 'christmas' inspired nails, the green is way too ogre-ish sadly
3 - Close-up of my necklace that I bought in Equip yesterday. 
I'm starting to love short necklaces ever since Alexa Chung became 
my official style icon.

top - factorie / high-waisted shorts - vintage / necklace - equip

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