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Singing is good for you!
Saturday, December 18, 2010

I've been spending my day, watching a TV show that got 
cancelled after the second episode screening. It's been over a 
year after "The Beautiful Life' debuted, I heard about it last year on 
Mischa Barton's authentic blog which seems to be non-existent right now.
Watch the only available episodes 1-5 here: youtube.com/user/TBL#p/u

I noticed why it got cancelled and it's not exactly a TV show people would obsess 
over unless you want an insight on models hectic life or if your dream is to 
become a heavily-booked model. But I still enjoyed the overall storyline and 
the easy on the eyes cast. 

Mischa Barton's character on this show was utterly dull and also 
an emotion wreck she shouldn't act in these roles because 
it's evidence in my eyes why her career escalated then crashed.
She has potential to return to her good old 'O.C days'.

In other words, another actress on the TV show that I quickly found 
out was a blogger that i followed for about a year now, Ashley Madekwe (far left). 
I remember reading her blog post (ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.com) that 
 mentioned 'The Beautiful Life' but I never assumed it was the one 
that Mischa Barton was acting in. I'm kinda intrigued knowing she's a
 fab actor and not just a pretty face with an envious wardrobe.

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