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In The Fairly OddParents, the names of Timmy Turner’s parents are never mentioned.
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Once again, I went to the City for no particular purpose accompanied by
Jacinda, Betty and recently bracefaced Katherine. It seems to me that every time
 I get out of the house I usually end up shopping or doing some form of impulse buying.
 And today happens to be no different.

Bodysuit - Bardot 
Shorts - Bardot 
Belt - Bardot 
Bag - Vintage 
Shoes - Rubi Shoes

Below is what I got from the overall satisfying day:

Pink hearts & Swallow dresses / Factorie
Studded bodycon dress / Ice
heart printed board-shorts / Factorie

Rings - Diva & Rubi Shoes
Necklaces - Diva
Cut-out blouse - Ice

Here's a better shot of the blouse:

Coming home I was excited to see if I had finally received the handmade gift 
from lovely Sarah. I knew it would be arriving today because I read on a 
blog that delivery of postages commences again on the 29th. I entered my room and noticed a completely torn apart letter, my mum apparently thought 'some guy' was 
sending me letters *sigh asian mums these days. Well the gift was a miniature 
wire forming my name, who knew a piece of useless wire could have potential to 
be turned into something that is acknowledged as pretty. 
I feel like i should frame it or make a necklace out of it.

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