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In 2007, a Chinese couple tried to name their child “@.”
Thursday, December 30, 2010

On a perfect 25 degrees day, I went to South Melbourne beach together 
with Wishar and Mia. It's not exactly the kind of weather where you'll be 
frolicking in the ocean, the saltwater only reached my lower thigh before I started 
getting really agitated of the shells under my soles and also coming to my senses 
that there could be a chance I would step upon those clear-ish coloured jellyfish. 
So I spent the remainder of the time lying right under the sun, tanning
just cause' the feelings nice when the rays are on my skin. 
(pictures will be posted when i get them)

I love how these pictures are so deceiving. Personally the first 
image looks as if an elegant women is waiting for her army working husband 
to arrive home from his trip. Whereas the second picture showcases a
i-don't-give-a-fuck hotel trasher and party animal. Either way 
I'll always be a fan of Lindsay Lohan, no joke.

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