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In 1740, a cow was executed for being possessed by a devil.
Friday, December 24, 2010

 What a day filled with complete good luck. 
Me and Queenie ventured off to the well-known Bardot factory outlet. 
Since it was our first time going by transport there, it took us almost an hour
worth of walking and acting as Asian tourists til' we finally reached our destination.
The prices ranged from $1-40, quite inexpensive for the brand Bardot.

What I bought from the Bardot Factory: 

bodysuit - $5

Similar design (image via google images)
Sequin shorts - $5


Lace shorts - $5
& the high-waisted leopard belt pictured below with the Jayjays skirt - $1

After purchasing all that, I felt immediately satisfied and ready to go home. 
But then we came across a gigantic salvos store, thank god for Queenie's eyes 
she noticed a Harry Potter novel straight-off and it so happens to be the Deathly 
Hallows in mint condition and selling for $4. Of course I got that and from then on 
we continued our walk for more outlets but didn't run into any, so 
we decided to stop by a station and head back to the City.

I didn't want to go home at 5 so I went to Highpoint afterwards.
I was expecting crowds of last minute shoppers but there was not as much. 
Anyways this is what i got from Highpoint:

- Lace skirt /JayJays (above)
- Floral top-like-dress /Cotton on - $5
- Red quilted wallet /Colette
- White Flowy skirt /Cocolatte

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