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A coin dropped from a skyscraper CANNOT kill a person.
Friday, December 31, 2010

What a scorcher for New Years Eve, topping up to 40° in Melbourne.
In comparison to last year's drizzle of rain, today was definitely the hottest it
has been since the beginning of Summer. It's quite surreal thinking how fast this
year has gone by, 2010 was when I started getting serious about my blog
and got into an actual routine of updating daily.

Looking back at my earlier archives, I realised how much I changed in terms of
interests, music taste and most noticeably the way I type. Viewers may assume I
'thesaurus' all the words they think are too 'difficult to think of' but truthfully I only
use it if I feel like i'm too repetitive or just boring. The posts are mostly thought of
from the top of my head and now it's time for my New Year resolutions:
  • Get a job when I hit 14 & 9 Months (March)
  • Be more motivated and try more hard at school
  • Spend less time on the internet 
  • Stay positive and optimistic
  • Continue blogging but make it more fashion-oriented

Unlike the rest of the Melbourne population, I didn't spend my 
New Years Eve at the beach or getting wasted at parties. Instead I 
completed a Korean drama called 'Playful Kiss' under the cool Air-con.
It's an extremely cute drama with a happy ending, colour me cliché but I 
enjoy predicting the ending before it finishes: watch the whole drama here.
I like how the drama was recently released (october/november 2010) so I didn't 
have to suffer watching them in unattractive clothing, the whole cast 
had adorable outfits that I would happily be attired in anyday. 

Now i'll be spending my last hours of 2010 watching this year's music videos
on channel 9 and painting a brand-new coat of nail polish.
New year, New nails.

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