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Beavers used to be the size of black bears.
Thursday, December 9, 2010

The holidays hasn't truly hit me yet, I still wake up thinking I 
have school to attend to. I haven't been out of the house yet.
I've just been reigniting my love for The Ellen Degeneres Show and storing
away any thing that reminds me of school like the text books and uniforms.
I know most people dread this but i can't wait till i receive my
semester report by mail :)

I started reading Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist today just cause'
I absolutely adored the movie and reading original books are always
better than the movie. 

I've been feeling a tad creative these couple of days,
I made a pin cushion and a bookmark so far while
watching the Laguna Beach seasons.

Tumblr is being annoying these days, I can't view anyone's archives which I
do constantly anyways I changed the layout and it looks like i'm going
to stick to reblogging black & white photographs: genuinelyme.tumblr.com

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