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Aslan the lion from The Chronicles of Narnia represents Jesus Christ.
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I forgot to mention in the last post that yesterday when I finished buying
my transportation ticket. I was on my way towards my friends, when my
change slipped from my hand and fell onto the platform floor. A $2 coin was
rolling nonstop and I attempted to intercept it by using my foot to stamp it down
but instead it curved a fraction then fell onto the train rails. I glanced over at the
other platform and realised I made quite a dramatic scene. Well the height
 difference from the train tracks to the platform floor is quite far. I would've
jumped down if it wasn't illegal or if there was no incoming trains. 
I was shattered for about 5 mins then i got over it, after all it's just $2.

Just to help you out with your imagination, this is
Sunshine Station and the black circle symbolises where i was &
the white star is where my $2 currently lies.

I decided to watch Laguna Beach > The Hills > The City.
I've already started plus I just wanted to show you these
pictures i found on google, it's illustrated so accurate that
i remember the scene of each face.

background music:
It's Almost Time - The Summer Circuit

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