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A 92-year-old woman was pregnant for sixty years.
Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh my gosh, i'm no longer going to be ever capped. To elaborate this
afternoon I called Optus up to change our net plan, since our original plan has reached
 the end of the 24 months contract. The dude was like we have two options for you: 
- 500gbs / pay $99 or month.
- 1000gbs / pay $130 each month.

I chose the 500gbs like seriously how on earth could I use up all of that so 
there was no point in getting the 1000gbs. Now I have the freedom to 
watch YouTube videos and download anything i want. 
Since we've been on the same plan for so long, the guy decided to refresh 
our internet today instead of waiting for a new month.
From 20gbs to 500gbs. Happy days are here again.

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