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A woman married the Eiffel Tower.
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Since hearing/reading about many convincing reviews about The Social Network.
I made up my mind to watch it today with a good friend of mine. 
Sadly we missed the starting 10 minutes as a result of library visits & sushi buying.
The movie has a brilliant script and an all-round good-looking cast.
Time flew by fast as it was a 2 hour flick but felt like i was only sitting there for 30 mins.
It's quite confusing since it keeps going past to present. 
I wonder if all of the information in the show is the truth though. 
I suggest you should watch this if your a constant Facebook checker plus it's always 
cool to see how the site first came to mind.

oh, it was also 7/11 free slurpee day from 7am - 2:11pm. 
Although i didn't end up getting one due to laziness (:

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