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There is a church in Antarctica.
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I don't know about you but for me, i'm somewhat over collecting stud earrings. 
I own way too much, majority of them not even worn. 
I admit there are some designs which are adorable but i don't seem to bother 
changing my earrings every time i go somewhere other than home,
 maybe because school is always breathing down my neck about wearing the correct  earrings blah blah blah, but personally i leave my hair down year round which 
practically makes my earrings unsee-able which brings me back to the point 
that i just drastically got carried away from. I think i'm gonna have a break 
from stud earrings and move on to the dangling style. I do have a few pairs already 
but they are the '2009' version of me if you catch my drift. 
I want similar earrings to the collage i created above.
I think i have a feather infatuation now.

This is the best ear piece i have ever seen so far :O
If i ever own this legendary piece of art i would literally 
tie up my hair or leave it to the side everyday. 
I'm seriously just sitting here gazing at the picture hoping it would somehow 
magically reappear on my ear. 

background music: 
With Me - Sum 41

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