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Some ants can make themselves EXPLODE.
Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm so relieved that i don't have to start exams until next year -phew-. It's such a bummer that my last day of school this year is spent doing normal schoolwork like always whereas the year eighters could've been rollerskating. 

So today, i went to Highpoint for a short period of time. 
I got high waisted shorts (right) & a lace vintage-like jacket - both from Valleygirl. Then afterwards i headed over to the library to borrow some dvds (:

I've been contemplating if i should go to this Boombox tour or not. 
It's just youtube stars that i don't particular find worthy to watch. 
& it features RNB singers that i don't even own a single song from. 
I'll just be sitting there, watching them sing. Is it really worth $45 dollars. hmm?

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