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No matter which angle you look at Mickey Mouse, his ears will always be round.
Friday, November 12, 2010

I've been dealing with daily rejections and sudden changes throughout this whole week,
regarding book selling and this heatwave Melbourne has been receiving does not help.
When i walked home from my after-school curriculum, i didn't know i would be in such a shock, when i entered through my back door to find out my cat has returned from 
his 2 weeks worth of adventure without any food or water.

I've been worried sick about my cat, but i knew in the inside that he was smart 
enough not to fall into some strangers arm. So i waited for his return nearly giving up but i still kept the food tins and box just incase it returned.
When i witnessed his arrival, i cannot explain how happy i was. 
I literally threw my arms around the scrawny-ass cat, until we fused to much 
body heat, i reckon Christmas came early for me. 

My cat is so god damn skinny now, with both of its ribs sticking out. 
The meow sound of the cat sounds utterly weak, my theory is it has not drank 
much fluid during its adventure. I've been overflooding it with cat food for the past hours since it keeps whining for it but i totally understand why.

Sorry for making this an all-cat post but I'm still not 
yet over the fact my beautiful cat's back now, 
i don't think people know how i much i adore my cat. 

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