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A flood of beer in 1814 killed 9 people.
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here comes the endish of the school year, the sign of having
assignments due everyday of the week is seriously making me stressed out.
I wouldn't be surprised if my scalp starts sprouting grey hair.
In homeroom this morning, we all received our subjects that were chosen
for the year 9 electives. I was thrilled to see what i got:

- 2D ART
- 3D ART

Amazing shoulder floral DIY thing.

Indeed, it's all the arty subjects but thats what i like best.
Onto other news, i had to wag detention to attend Melbourne Central's
Spring shopping day that was occurring only for today.
There wasn't even any massive discounts, so i didn't buy anything.
Just only maccas fries considering I've been only eating subways nowadays.

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