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Electric eels are not actually eels.
Sunday, November 14, 2010

So i went to K-STAR Presentation Night, it just had to be on 
the most shittest weather conditions, literally rained throughout the whole day. 
I walked to the centre under my origami printed umbrella, but still got 
drenched. I don't know what to say about the whole performance. 
Not really worthy of a 'holy crap it was so good' its more like 'at least 
i did something for Saturday night', in my opinion.
Although i felt an urge to go city i don't know why i just did, perhaps 
because i was surrounded by loads of eye candy.

Before i went to this event, I think i ate too much kitkat cause' now 
my throat feels so dry and it has this uncomfortable feeling everytime i swallow.
To fulfill my need to go city, i'm gonna go to my all-time favorite; state library 
but unfortunately due to my stupidity i forgot my maths text book in my locker 
so i have to go pay a visit to my friends, place, just to borrow her book. 
At least i don't mind errands, so all good (:

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