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Dr. Seuss wrote “Green Eggs and Ham” after his editor bet him that he couldn’t write a book using 50 words or less.
Saturday, November 20, 2010

If i only had the guts to do most of these, 
perhaps i'll use this list one day, when i feel the need to escape my comfort zone.

"50 ways to piss off McDonalds workers." 
  1. Ask how much a 50c cone is 
  2. When they tell you its 50c make a big deal out of it, at the end say ” yeah ill have one of those please “
  3. Order a cheese burger without cheese
  4. Order a burger open it up on the counter, look at the meat and yell ” MILKY WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU! “
  5. Order a 50c cone look at it and yell ” MILKY JR NOT YOU TO! “
  6. Order a 50c cone and while its on the counter just face plant into it
  7. Call up macca’s and repeatedly ask them if they deliver
  8. Tell them your large coke tastes like pepsi.
  9. Look at the person at the counter and say… ” im still not lovin' it.. “ 
  10. Give them the wrong money, then deny it.
  11. Accuse them of spitting in your food
  12. Order a big mac meal, grab your stomach and yell "LOOK WHAT YOUR DOING TO ME!"
  13. Walk up to the counter and have a casual conversation with the person serving
  14. When your next in line and the person says ” next please ” turn around to the person behind you and make a big deal jumping up and down saying ” oh my god oh my god its finally my turn! “
  15. Stare at their name tag for a long time then tell them your dad was going to name you that but your mum thought it was too ugly
  16. When they say ’next please’ yell really loud ’OKAY OKAY IM COMING!’ Then go up and look at the menus on the walls for 5-10 minutes, then say ’eww, how fat.’ then pick up a straw and leave.
  17. Ask them for an icecream without a cone or tub
  18. Go to the counter and ask them if they're working hard or hardly working
  19. When they ask for your order start singing it
  20. When they repeat your order to confirm it pretend you didnt order any of that and start yelling and screaming
  21. Ask them if the cow in your burger is their mother
  22. When they ask for the money to pay the order give them monopoly money.
  23. Yell at them for putting cows and chicken in there burgers
  24. Tell them their chips are to salty
  25. Ask them if they sell lobster
  26. When they tell you they dont, complain and ask them why they would put a cow in a burger but not a lobster
  27. Ask for a coke, when they give it to you chuck it across the room.
  28. When it goes every where, ask for a new one and say you dropped it.
  29. Ask them if they killed the chickens and cows themselves
  30. Ask them if the potatoes screamed when you cut them into the shape of a french fries 
  31. Look at the person serving just keep staring then yell “MARY! ITS BEEN SO LONG HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!”
  32. When they ask for your order just stare at them.
  33. When they ask for your order burp and leave
  34. Tell them your going to sew them for making you fat
  35. Start a casual conversation, and when they ask you if your gonna order say, ” no, but I've had a great time we should do this again yeah? ” and walk away
  36. Order a pizza instead
  37. Order a happy meal crack the shits and start yelling ” I ordered a happy meal and im still sad! “
  38. Ask them what their problem is and walk to the back of the line to re order.
  39. When they go to get your food just walk away.
  40. Pretend your phone is ringing then speak rudely about the person serving you then look at them and say ” Oh, I gotta go I think they can hear me “
  41. When the person tries to serve you make up a joke that takes 10 minutes to tell and has no punchline. 
  42. When your next in line, and the person says next just look around like you have no idea whats going on
  43. Ask them what they thought of mcdonalds
  44. Walk up to the counter, put a pair of socks down and just walk off.
  45. Ask for the manager, then say what the hell are you doing here?
  46. Go to the back of the line when they say next run infront of who ever is next, speak your order really fast and then take heavy breaths when your done
  47. Scream at the person behind you because they shouldn't be eating fatty foods.
  48. Look at someone, look at their stomach, look at their face, look at their stomach again, then look them in the eye and say, ” I see you come here often “
  49. Order a happy meal and start playing with the toy on the counter
  50. Ask the person serving you to jump into your burger

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