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Chris Brown's hit song "Forever" began as a jingle for chewing gum.
Monday, November 15, 2010

The text above is referring to my science test that's scheduled on Wednesday,
 I'm off to state library once again tomorrow afternoon. 

Well afterschool, I went to Savers to check out their 50% clothing-wise sale, 
I left with only a floral waisted belt which was priced $3. 
I think i'll be sporting it a lot over the incoming summer holidays.
I wasn't completely satisfied afterwards, so I still felt the need to continue 
vintage-shopping. My next stop was at my local salvation army, 
there was no particular clothing that i liked there but i came across this
 shoulder bag that was in extremely great quality and had a very 
vintage-esque look, so of course i got that.

Tumblr is currently down for me at this moment,
 i reckon it has something to do with 4chan.

background music:
Fireworks - Larzz ft. Molly Moore

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