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Winnie-the-Pooh is often called “Pooh” or “Pooh Bear,” but never “Winnie.”
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Since i don't have anything to blog about today besides the beautiful weather 
Melbourne has been receiving lately. I'll be doing this thing i came across 
on this blog - Rule is: Answer the following questions by 
posting the first image that comes up when you Google image your answer.

1. Your age on your next birthday? (Fifteen)

2. Your favorite color? (Rainbow)

3. Your middle name? (Thi Ngoc)

4. The last meal you ate? (Rice)

5. Your bad habit?

6. Your favorite fruit/vegetable? (Avocado)

7. Your favorite animal? (Cat)

8. The town you live in? (Melbourne)

9. The most useful thing in your house? (Computer)
10. The name of your pet? 
(Has no name)

11. Your most recent purchase? (Striped Tee)

12. Something that makes you happy? (Chocolate)

13. Your first name? (Thao)

14. Your last name? (Nguyen)

Alright goodnight lovely readers.

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