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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got my results back for the maths test, i got 54% i expected to achieve a higher 
percentage but oh wells it's good enough. During that maths class 
i was saying something to my friend and added "OH SHIT" as i was talking 
kinda loudly, then my posh maths teacher was like "who's the one that has the bad mouth?" 
i wasn't gonna own up, but just ended up doing it since she kept ranting on about it. 
Had to pick up rubbish for most of my lunchtime without gloves, ugh. 

Afterschool, i went to Sunshine Library to do some errands. LOL.
Then i was gonna go home, but i felt like stopping at my local salvos. 
Since i had like +$10 bucks in my wallet. I ended up getting this beautiful 
blue coloured shorts but i want it to be a touch high waisted so i think 
i'm gonna pull it up and belt it tightly then wa-lah but i'll have a massive camel toe.
So maybe not.

I also bought a woolly stripy top, that completely reminded me of the 
shirt above, i reckon that Balmain collection brought stripes back into fashion.
The shirt has got the same semi white on top but bigger stripes and
 it doesn't have any shiny diamante effect nor have power shoulders 
+ it's short sleeve, perfect for the warmer weather. 
Shorts + shirt = $8, great findings (:

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