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The original blue Power Ranger left the show due to harassment about his sexuality.
Sunday, October 17, 2010

ew, i hate the blog post i wrote last night. 
I was way too tired to actually write anything properly. 
anyways, this chick on tumblr is drivin' me nuts spamming my 
wall with her errors. So all these anon's are saying her URL is inseguro 
which it clearly is - http://inseguro.tumblr.com/.
But she's denying it, calling her url: CAITTTT.

Anonymous: your URL isn't caittt idiot are you high or some shit?
(her answer) I KNOW IT’S NOT CAITTT

I just refreshed, and now she claims this
"……My url is Inseguro you guys
I was just joking around oh my god, chill out.
It’s a Saturday night and I have nothing else to do, so what do you expect"

But then she later replys to another question saying:
she's helping her sister for her homecoming? 
far full of excuses saying she has nothing to do to helping her sister out?
In a matter of minutes. Jesus christ, so annoying.
Plus she just deleted all her messages.
wow, i'm so unfollowing this sad girl.

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