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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

School was utterly draining today, i think cause'
i stayed up at night watching YouTube and fell asleep @ 1 or something *yawn
For religion class, we had to write good qualities about every single person
in my class and place it in their envelopes that we made ourselves.
+ my teacher calls this work an assignment...
I received many nice comments about myself which instantly made me happy :)
& i'm trying out for Peer Support Leader for 2011 hopefully i get picked as one of the
candidates but my chance is kinda low since my year level coordinator sorta dislikes me.

I came across more "Eye" Jewelery.
Freakin' the bracelet is unexplainable seriously where the fuck
do they sell those + Alexa Chung's ring is hot but it would've been better
if it was more vibrant blue but still i would love to own it.
& i bought home my gargoyle today and apparently it was stamped as
"highly commended" but i haven't got a certificate yet addressing that.

ps. is the overall font for the posts too small to read?

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