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Saturday, October 2, 2010

So where do i begin, fucking TIC TIC TOUR was gooood as!
Definitely worth the $45, well spent well spent. 
If you wanna know more about what it is or whose in it 
watch this video:

The day started off going to Queenie's place @ 2-ish.
To travel all together there. (5 ppl total)
We left around 3(?) to go city to eat then headed off to the Centre. 
Since we never been there before, we were lost even though we 
had a map that we were struggling to read so we just followed people. 
We arrived there before 5, it wasn't that packed yet probably around 50 people-ish.
We sat and socialised, oyeah i was nicknamed "the wedding dress lady" cause 
i was wearing this ballerina like dress (lace on top, bottom tutu-ish).
i got quite the weird stares but meh.

There was loads of hotties :D mmmmm.
I had a upper gold ticket cause i was gonna meet up w/ other friends. 
but they arrived too late and the line just got super long. 
Plus my other friends had lower gold, so i was thinking should i swap with someone 
to get lower gold. I tried to call my upper gold friends using this random guys phone, but her phone was on silent & i overheard this guy saying "i want someone to swap a gold upper for a gold lower with me" Then i was like "heyyy, i'll swap with you". 
Then finally when i came through the doors, i found my friends then chilled.
The performance was scheduled to start @ 6 but it started extremely late @ 7:30. 
& the Lower seats had an exceptional good view i was pretty surprised. 

the DJ.

Mychonny on the left w/ MC Surreal. (credits - Thao Lam for pics)

They also hired a great dj, man the bass was so freakin' strong. 
My chest felt like it was gonna explode repeatedly, it felt like a club in that centre. 
Onto MYCHONNY, he came on stage i was like hmm he looks pretty yum. 
He's actually taller than i expected he would be, which makes him more attractive. 
i kinda love him more now :)
Personally i reckon the best performers were Poreotics, no surprise there.
Click the link to watch their performance last night:

Since Tic Tic is over, i really wanna go to this event now(above).
Drools* over the twins in Justice Crew <3
I was so freakin' drained @ the end, i wanted to fall asleep on the bussride home. 
Came home just after 10 after 12 oclock :(
i think i totally forgot heaps of info, oh wells i'm off to a friend's house now.

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