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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I actually disliked my last layout, 
i just really couldn't be bothered changing it. 
I worked overnight to tweak this layout so 
it can best represent 'me' and also springtime.
I really loved how it turned out, this is the link to the original:

How pretty is her shirt that she thrifted, i haven't gone
opshopping like forever i've just being to like chain stores and shiz.
This afternoon i was cleaning up my messy closet with no intentions of
chucking any clothes out, then i saw items that i haven't worn in over 6 months +.
(most were basic cardigans & small clothing that i couldn't part with.)
I ended up with 3 full bags that's going to charity donation bins
& now im left with loads of hangers looks like i wont running out of it for a while.

i saw this picture on some fashion blog and realised i have the same red belt
as the girl on the right, i thrifted it like last year or something.
But too bad i can't wear mine on my waist, it can only fit around my hips.

Are you the type of person that collects everything?
i went through a phrase in primary school when i had to collect
 all the reusuable bags in shops like i have loads of the pink supre bag & various
cotton on bags and jayjays designs. I hope you know what im talking about?
I just discovered all the bags under my bed, so i've decided to give it to charity aswell.
There's about 25 in total. The question is will it even be useful, i hope so.

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