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Saturday, October 9, 2010

This is a tad personal, but i might as well tell you readers.
I just came home from my first hospital visit for my Dad. 
He's been in there since yesterday morning, 
Don't worry my dad's not in like any critical condition. 
He just has a blood clot in one of his artery situated on his leg, 
which he'll be getting surgery for on Monday :(
My dad seriously has to quit smoking or else he'll loose his leg.

I actually never visited a patient's room in a hospital before. 
I've only seen the ones on the television and such. 
It had a foul-ish smell in my Dad's room which had 3 other patients. 
There was piss stains on the floor coming out of the toilet. 
So gross but the cleaner came later to mop it up.

I felt really sorry for this patient that was seated opposite of my dad. 
He was unnaturally skinny, and disagreed to eat his veggies & cheese calling it 
"rabbit food" to the nurse but he only completed a coca cola can. 
When the nurse left he pulls out a bounty bar
while having another coke can on his lap, poor man.

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