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Porcupines float in water
Saturday, September 4, 2010

To start off my weekend, i went to Highpoint with Alittia. 
Dissatisfying day, i swear i only bought one nail polish from the face shop. 
& the rest was spent on food/photo stickers. 
On the bright-side, a worker from diva said my bag was nice and 
asked where i got my overused fringe/crochet bag from, i was like :O :).
& a worker from smiggle asked where i got my die/dice ring from. 
these ladies compliments made my day (:

if you ever wanted to make a lookbook, nows your chance.
i just made one this morning, cause it doesn't need any accepting process. 
so sign up asap now, before it stops accepting automatically.
now i just need some sorta camera, to get this actually started. 
i would link ya to my profile, but it doesn't have anything on it so why bother.
if the sign up doesn't work, just contact me somehow and i'll invite you ;)

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