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Polar Bears are left-handed.
Sunday, September 5, 2010

To end my weekend i went city w/ Sandra. 
I didn't really, get anything besides 2 rings. 
One from Diva and one from this asiany shop, but it suits spring time.
it started out as a nice sunny day, but when we started heading to Harbour town
it starts raining, like greattt man.
so we just went home instead since it was like 4:30 already.
i wanna go check out Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.
i saw the tents and shiz when i was walking past City Square.
too bad today was the last day.
maybe next year :)

it's fathers day & i didn't get anything for my dad though
cause' he doesn't care or feel its necessary for a gift 
on this day and his birthday.
does that mean i'm lucky? 

How these lookbookers wear the moschino belt.
(double click for full size)

i desperately need a moschino belt. 
it's practically everywhere on fashion society, on lookbook & tumblr. 
i don't think the actual brand sells it anymore, i just have to hope 
to randomly find it in opshops, since many of the bloggers above has.
ebay is not a option aswell.

fingers cross i pass another maths test tomorrow.

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