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The original Coca Cola was green in color
Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday thank god your here :)
At school, we had a talent quest type of thing. 
some of the contestants had talent but some lacked in it. 
Pretty entertaining to watch though
 but being in one same room with hundreds of students 
gets a tiny bit too humid.

so you know how i finished my cushion, 
i'm now making a pencil case, I've already gone fabric shopping. 
i bought a floral fabric, no surprise there. 
i'm just gonna put my name on the pencil case 
but the 'O' of my name is a peace sign instead. 
I don't wanna go too outrageous on a piece of work that isn't getting marked on 
and i don't wanna put something i'll regret eg. a crush, bestfriend, 
group name, a hot celebrity cause' things don't last forever. 
you probably won't like the same guy forever, 
or you may drift apart from your once best friend,
or your group could break up, & definitely celebrity obsessions never last
i experienced my fair share of this.

just some spring fever photographies.
 i dislike wind alot, crap AS weather this weekend :(

background music:
Supernova - Staz ft. John Michael

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