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Male cockatoos can be taught to speak, but females can only chirp and sing.
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm not planning to attend Royal Melbourne Show this year
cause' got no money, i reckon it's a major a rip-off though.
Like $15 for entry ticket, show-bags + ridiculously expensive rides.
Not ideal for my unemployed/student budget.
Perhaps next year, if i have a job.

I'm loving Factorie's Spring collection right now. 
Many pretty floral numbers that i'll love to own.
Luckily this Friday to Monday the weather is around 20 degrees. 
Finally heating up, i'm so over wearing cardigans/jacket.

How gorgeous does she look? I freakin' love her shorts.
I neeeeeeeeeed a similar pair.

This reporter called these leggings hideous, i was like wtf they're not ugly
at all, i actually would like one & the shoes are adorable.

i just googled news - Mischa Barton just to see what she's up to these days.
Since she's been staying low for awhile now. I went on these websites
full saying bad shiz about her outfits and honestly it's not bad at all.
I would wear it in a heartbeat actually.
 Apparently these were her worst outfits she wore these past weeks:

I reckon the way she dresses is unflattering for her figure, 
but who ever wrote those articles is probably some old hag. 
If you wanna read the articles click here and here.

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