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King Kong was Aldof Hitler’s favorite movie.
Monday, September 6, 2010

Since I've given away heaps of clothes to charity lately.
i needed to restock my closet but luckily Savers (opshop) 
had a 50% store-wide type of thing, today. 
i went after school, when it stopped raining. 
It was pretty packed with school girls and such but i ended up finding actual goods!
It was pretty awkward when i saw my English teacher there, but shes cool. 

I got Skinny leg jeans that fit me perfectly and is in excellent condition plus 
it's a light blue wash which i don't own yet & it was only $6.50!
i think it was an expensive brand aswell, does Gripp jean sound familiar?
 i think theres a shop of it in Highpoint. 

I also bought a beautiful white cardigan with like delicate beads, sequins and roses 
sewn onto it, but it had washable stains on it ohwells it was only $4.50.
& a short sleeve floral blouse for $3.00
Lastly a lace/flowery embroidery blouse, i especially liked this blouse 
cause it's collar was unique and it could also be worn as a dress. - $3.00

good day, besides the shitty weather.

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