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It’s impossible for a person to drink a whole gallon of milk in one hour period without vomiting.
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today, i had seminar/reflection day.
 We went to this centre, and was entertained by a mentor/musician kinda person
for the whole day, it was one of the most inspiring day of this year like seriously. 
He talked about life, and how you should always be optimistic & 
how surrounding yourself with positive people can contribute ALOT on how your life 
is like in the future. If i had a chance to choose any therapist in the whole earth, 
honestly i would pick him. Weirdly i don't remember his name though.

i think i was a bit too overdressed for the day,
& i think i was the only one in shorts w/o stockings.
I got lovely compliments/"where did you get that?"
on my combat boots, and floral shorts & vintage cardigan.
Made my freakin' day, i was in such a good mood for the whole day :)
i changed my tumblr layout - i'll change my blogspot layout soonzz.

background music:
Smile Bright - Letters and Lights

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