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"Goodbye" came from "God bye" which came from "God be with you."
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have not been out of the house since Monday,
but the weird thing is that i haven't been actually bored and
 i don't even feel the desire to set foot out of my house either.
Maybe cause i have my trusty Harry Potter book by my side, in fact
i'm two chapters away from finishing The Chambers Of Secret, um
that only took 2 days to read, wtf since when do i read books that fast :L

when you see it - you will shit brix.

If only Halloween was actually celebrated in Australia or if someone 
could make a Halloween party, that would be mad as. 
I'll most definitely dress up as something inspired by Harry Potter, gosh i'm a freak. 
I was actually looking through my expanding ring collection and 
saw these 2 rings i owned that reminded me of the House Slytherin. 
A dark green rectangle cocktail ring & a diamante snake ring. (both from Diva)

Some random ring/tattoo-spiration:

I hope Diva/Equip creates a clawed ring, like the one on her left hand *drools.
+ what a cute tattoo, i think it's from the idea of tying a bow to
remind you to do something you've forgotten.

Abbey Lee that lucky ass owner of those rings.
Is that a snake around the minty green ring? *faint.

Loving the gingerbread one :D

Once again, i envy her finger tattoos.
I'll just draw it on for now until i have the guts to get it for-real.

Gorgeous collection.
i like the one that looks like Voldemart instead it has a pig snout + a wannabe snake scar.

background music (verses sound strange but chorus is good): 
Go away - 2NE1

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