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The first couple shown in bed together on prime time TV were the Flintstones
Monday, September 13, 2010

These days, i have nothing to blog about. 
Haven't been going out much, nothing remember-able has happened either. 
Except i finished my floral pencil case today, super proud of myself.
I have another Casual day coming up this Wednesday, i have no clue what to wear
 i'm thinking of making my leopard coat/cardigan's first debut.
According to the weekly forecast, it is only 16 degrees seriously
how disappointing, spring.

how mad right? i found this video on how they created the look. 
Diva finally posted up the image of the vintage-like ring i got recently in this post.
As you can see it's actually 3-D, not flat at all.

Somehow, i feel in the mood to go to a birthday party or just a typical party. 
Just the feeling of getting ready and not worrying about anything.
Is tic tic counted as a party? i don't know what kinda clothes you wear
to these kinda concerts, it's definitely not a jeans kinda thing i reckon. 
Why am i even thinking about this event when it's about 2 weeks away. 

in love w/ her outfit

background music:
Wouldn't change a thing - Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas

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