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Elevators and escalators kill about 30 people each year.
Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh gosh, how fast has this week gone by 
tomorrow is already Friday, anywhos
my day was pretty typical, nothing worthy to write about. 
So this post will probably full of random shiz.

so I've been getting into a lot of YouTube celebrities (besides chonny) these days.
thank god, i have free net on my iPod.

Fred Figglehorn
First is Fred, his so funny maybe it's his ridiculously high voice.
i love it when he especially screams, too bad it's all fake.
The first video i watched that got me addicted was this one.

Shane Dawson
This guy deserves a whole paragraph, but too lazy.
He's amazingly talented i reckon, his a bit of a potty mouth but
he has 3 channels, i think the main one is the one he puts in the most effort.
The second one, is probably the short random ideas equally funny.
The last one is the one he films with his iPhone, so it's not fantastic quality.
First video of Shane, that got me hooked is this one.

Peter Chao
i remember watching his videos, but not liking it.
Maybe cause he swears in like every sentence he says,
but nowadays i find it hilarious, this is the video
that got me sorta obsessed, he looks sorta hot w/ the glasses on.
then, after that video watch this one.

this post is probably only for people who have lots of gbs to waste.
alright, so you now know my favorites + mychonny.

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