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The electric chair was invented by a dentist
Thursday, September 16, 2010

The damn overdue holidays has finally came but i have gay
parent teacher interviews tomorrow morning, i can already
feel several lows as a result of full slacking this term.

I begged my Dad to buy nutella cause' i haven't tasted it since like year 5. 
Had a massive craving for it the other day, i'll probably be addicted 
to it throughout the holidays :D

(1st: Eden Espidrille $14.95)
(2nd Agness Brogue $29.95)

I desperately need the 2nd shoe, 
i saw it in real life and was like holy crap, so damn pretty. 
i'll most likely live in the 1st pair of shoes over summer, 
i would wear it with some of my favorite anklets.
Very spring-esqe if you ask me :)

i feel an urge to do this DIY soon,
i wanna try shredding my un-high waisted denim shorts 
to something like the picture above. Hopefully it won't be a fail whale.
& i changed my tumblr theme yet again to this one.

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