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Children grow faster in the springtime.
Monday, September 20, 2010

You know how i said i was gonna do those 2 DIY's
well i completed it last night and i doubt i would wear the finishing pieces.
Maybe cause the shorts i experimented with are getting a tad too small for me
& it's not very flattering on me either, meh i'll just give it away to charity :)
I went to the city today to watch Easy A, lemme say 
it was a GOOD as movie, like i didn't even bother checking what time it was gonna finish
which i do most of time when i'm bored during the movie. 
It's not hilarious, like only a couple parts are funny but it has an amazing cast 
i continuously kept saying, oh this guy/girl was in blah blah blah.

mmmm, i ordered subway like for the first time today.
I was so sick of eating Maccas, KFC etc cause' i always regret buying it afterwards. 
I ordered the pizza sub one, i wasn't prepared to order cause i didn't know anything 
like what bread i would like & what cheese i wanted. 
So i just asked the worker to pick w/e would be the yummiest.
I'm gonna attempt to try all of the above sandwiches, except veggie delite (A)

When me and Katherine was strolling towards Crown cinemas,
we passed these Coke zero advertisers, and there was like 3 vending machines
on the left and another 3 on the right, i couldn't make out what he was saying
with the microphone. But people were just pressing a button on the vending machine
which turns out it ejects a coke zero automatically for you, & it was absolutely free.
i was like aw, i can't believe our luck cause' we only bought food for the movie and we
weren't planning to get any drinks.

We also went harbour town, i got 2 dresses from ICE. 
The one above is one of them, and the other one is a blue, acid wash bodycon dress.

I got this top and shoe from Factorie. 
You can't really see but there's like animal faces on those humans. 
Trust me, the shoe looks SO MUCH better in real life, it's not even close to that colour. 
i just need to make it look more worn a little mud and dirt will do the trick, jks. 
i like the chain at the back :)

i completed the first edition of the harry potter series yesterday. 
i swear i'm really getting into this, i know i'm such a late bird. 
It's really weird, i get like random cravings to read harry potter. 
Seriously, it comes out of nowhere it happened when i was @ school & when im out.
i already started reading the second sequel, i'm aiming 
to read all the books before the Deathly hallows released on November 18.
I hope i can do it.

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