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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Remember, how i said i needed someone to print out my cotton on 
vouchers for me, well i asked a friend that lives a couple of suburbs away to. 
she was happy to, of course i had to pick it up in the morning. 
i seriously love running errands, i think i want my future job to contain it 
maybe someone's assistant or somethang.

i don't really know my way around her area but i knew i had to be done by 11:36am
before my highpoint bus came, so i explored around, got help from nice people, 
some motherbitch lied to me about being in the wrong street when it was actually right, finally got the vouchers in her mailbox, missed the bus, tiring trip to highpoint, came late. 

Today i spent the day w/ Sandra, Queenie and Steph, it was suppose 
to be just opshopping but we needed to fit in, city because
i needed to get my half price floral shoes!, yes i did ended up getting it. 

Before that we went to Savers, i got these high waisted shorts. 
It's silky for $3, i think its meant to be for sleeping but who cares. 
It has pastel floral prints, perfect for summer. I also bought a book, it's some O.C book. 
i was full like WTF? since when do they have books based on a couple of episodes. 
since i'm a big fan of it i got it, i doubt they sell it anymore & it was only $2.

I got some new stationary from Typo aswell. 
it was 5 pens for $5 i couldn't resist since ya know with the new pencil case and shiz.

i didn't notice this straight off but look @ the pocket area. 
it's been cut out, i'm definitely gonna DIY my shorts like these. 
& most of the time i tuck everything into my shorts so i have no problem with that. 
how mad! Actually i shall do it tomorrow.
Hopefully i can pull off this look though :L

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