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The average French citizen eats 500 snails a year.
Saturday, September 11, 2010

4 more school days till holidays, woooo !
i freakin' finally had the beep test today, I've improved soooo much. 
Compared to the start of the year, i got 6.7 and amazingly today 
i got 8.4, the third highest in my class :D
i can already feel the cramps on my legs, lame.

after school, i went to the usual highpoint.
i was like being a stylist for the day, helping my friend out w/ her shopping. 
since i was a broke bitch, it was probably the only thing that would keep me occupied
whilst being in a shopping centre. 
i got a teacup ring from Diva though, very vintage like :)
it was such a long day but anyways i'm just gonna rant about random shiz now.
(dotti $49.95)

(don't remember, saved it ages ago)

i'm dieing for both of these two shorts, i'll probably wait for dotti's one to go on sale. 
& i'll just admire the last pair, maybe even doing a diy based on it.
i wanna buy a stud gun cause' i have heaps of things 
i wanna add studs on, but it's so expensive. 
According to the internet it's all above $100+.

I've finally returned to my old reading days. 
i had a sudden urge to read all of the harry potter books starting from the beginning. 
your probably thinking why don't you watch it?
i think i just want to know the whole story in depth. 
i read the first page in the library and i'm pretty captivated by it.

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