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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i'm finally back & It's springggg :)
Today i had a detention cause i got caught not having my blazer, 
like seriously it's just a damn blazer, i never bring my blazer to school cause' every morning i always arrive late so there's no teacher checking. 
i dislike wearing the blazer because it's black which means it blends with my 
hair and i just dont like how it's structured, how stupid is my reasons. 
but i got out of detention cause i needed to finish off my cushion in a textile class afterschool which is due at the end of the week, my teacher wants me to enter it for 
Melbourne show, i ended up finishing around 5 oclock, so yeah all good.
but now i'm stuck w/ 2 lunchtime detentions :(

Next Wednesday is Year 8 Seminar day, 
no proper classes and we get to wear casual. 
I have no idea what to wear, 
i hate this dilemma i get every casual day hopefully the weather is sunny that day :) 
The Wednesday after that is another casual day, gonna run out of clothes to wear man.
Which reminds me i went Watergardens sometime last week and got a torquise ring + heart earrings from equip, damn equip never seems to put there full collections  
on the site, sorry no pics of the jewelery then.

update on school life: failed on science test & JUST passed maths test 
it was 40% / 100% considered a passed *phew

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