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When you are snoring, you are not dreaming.
Sunday, August 15, 2010

I spent my Saturday at the city w/ Jacinda. 
we watched Step Up 3, it was actually awesome!
WAY better than the other sequels. 
it had a great storyline, a nice soundtrack most of the songs played made me wanna dance 
lmao, i reckon the 3-D effect made it better 
and i hope there is Step up 4 with Adam Sevani again :)

+ there is better eye candy aswell, 3 guys i reckon is pretty hot/cute in the movie.

click it for the full size.
(left to right - Adam Sevani, Rick Malambri, Daniel Campos)

After watching the movie, we went to DFO Southwharf. (first time going)
God the weather sucked today, we didn't get anything though.
cause it ain't that awesome, but it's pretty nice in there.
better than DFO Spencer street.
i went straight to church after that, 
when i was receiving the bread, i said thank-you instead of amen. 
i was freaking dieing of embarrassment, after i said that 
i was like "mother crap!" in my head, i think i was a bit distracted or something. 
I've always said Amen, until this day. i doubt alot of people heard. 
i at least could've said "thankyou & amen"
(is it even a big deal :/)
whatever, i'm off to finish my homework :)

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