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There were once more sea lions on earth than people.
Thursday, August 19, 2010

since nothing out of the ordinary happened yesterday
i'm just gonna blog about my favorite items on Topshop at the moment.
Australia should get this store, it's kinda like Sportsgirl + Supre mixed together.
if only i had a credit card, i probably would be so addicted to shopping online.

once again, this was suppose to be posted yesterday.
but due to technical difficulties, this is now a 2 days in one post kinda thang.

today was a bludge day cause we only had 3 periods of class time.
then for the rest of the day, we went over to the auditorium
to watch our school production 'High school musical'
our last year school musical 'Aladdin' was wayyy better i reckon.
& i wanna be in the musical next year, i hope they do like
Ariel the little mermaid or something :D
for the rest of the afternoon HSM songs were stuck in my head.

i was full on craving for chocolate during the production.
anyways i also got a Very High for a geography assignment.
pretty amazing considering i was partnered with Queenie, us two are like the most cbf/last minute kinda students in class.

after school, i went to Spotlight to find fabric.
For my cushion case, i wanted a blue, bird print it's kinda twitter-like.
but it was $10 for half a metre, & no way was i gonna pay for that shit.
So i chosed a floral blue and green fabric, it's only for the back of my
cushion cover so i didn't wanna spend a whole heap of money.
It only costed $2.50 more my liking :)
then i stopped by at safeway to get Mac & cheese which i shall
eat for brekkie tomorrow morning.


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