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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so finalllly, i'm back (this was way too long overdue)
i was suppose to blog on Sunday but was way to busy :)
well according to my itouch notes, this is how my week went 
warning: long post.

i had my first actual game of premier league sports. 
i got my free bloomers aswell, and our school owns such massive netball skirts. 
it's like size 10 to size 20, they need to get smaller skirt sizes. 
We vs-ed against CRC Caroline Springs, we won by 1 point. 
it was 17-18, but we were so lucky cause' the opposite goal shooter was gonna shoot. 
but the time thing went off, we were all like *phew. 

i had like an injury on my right hand, ring finger. 
i think i slammed my finger on it, i have very shitty memory,
then my whole hand got numb and dead. 
but my coach kept telling me to play, 'cause i was good' (A)
i got an ice pack when i went back to school, but they didn't let me keep it :(

after school; i went to go get my ears pierced :D
i was pretty nervous, but it wasn't as bad as my first experience (last year)
so now i have 1 on my left and 2 on my right. 
i wanna get another one on my left, and thats all for my ears. 
then just the nose when i'm older :]

i stayed home, this day. 
cause' my ring finger got all bruised up. 
it was like a mix of blue and green & i couldn't bend it at all + it was swollen. 
there was no point going school, cause i'm a right hander and i can't write.
if i can't write, then why go school, right right?
i asked my parents if i can stay home at night, but they were like no.
but the next morning. 
conversation w/ me and my dad (still in bed):

dad: get up
me: nooo, i want to stay home
dad: are you going school or not, cause if you are i need to go buy bread?
me: no, i'm not going school 
dad: okay
*i go back to sleep 

i spent my day watching all of season 2 of Big Bang Theory. 
since i didn't have any net :(

i had Netball training per usual. 
i told my daddy to pick me up, since i always seem to ceebs after training. 
in the morning, he was like okay, what time blah blah.
once it was 4:15 (the time he was suppose to pick me up)
he wasn't there so i was like i'll wait for 15 more minutes. 
and if it doesn't come, fuck it i'll walk home. 

i ended up walking home, it's about 20 minutes 
so all good. 
when he came home, around 6ish. 
i was like why didn't you pick me? 
right at the moment he remembers, and says sorry i went drinking w/ a friend. 
goddd, my dad is getting old. 

i was gonna go out, but Friday is usually the day 
i get very restless, maybe cause i have bludgy subjects eg. double art/hpe/music.
& it was also free transport day, instead i just died of boredom at home.

i went to the city, w/ Tammy. 
just went shops and shizz. 
nothing different. 
i got 3 tops from Factorie. 
a sequined skull printed crop top, navy striped t-shirt & floral singlet. 
this is one of them/ it has a zip running all along the back preee awesome:

i got 2 crop shirts from ice and a cardigan. (below)
the cardigan is now my favorite, it's so damn cute. 
the second top, is so short i doubt i have the confidence to wear it. 
i'll probably chuck in some high waisted stuff :)

i think thats all for the Saturday. 

i woke up early, to run some errands for Tammy. 
Then around 12, went to highpoint w/ Jacinda. 
to see wwe & find her a new glasses case. 
omfg, i was expecting like actual wwe superstars. 
but they let my hopes down, it was only a double team and this chick. 
the guy on the left looks like tan version of Puck from glee well in real life he does.
heres a picture,  : 

gay to the shit mate. 
i got uncapped this day, i had almost 400 blogs to catch up on. 
i read up to like 200 this night, then at 9 my electricity decided to die.
too overworked apparently, but was back the next day :)

After school, i went to sell the rest of my 3 chocolates. 
I had to return the money the next day, i sold it all under like 10 minutes. 

Tuesday (today):
Epically loss to Emmanuel College in Netball. 
we got smashed, but they were pro. 
the points was 39 - 12. 
hopefully next tuesday we'll win 8)

& during period 4, we were watching the rest of the English performances. 
when a dog randomly runs into the classroom, people were freaking out. 
it wasn't like huge and aggressive. 
my English teacher took it too the office, and i followed cause i was intrigued.
but she had to go back to the class, so i had to hold the dog. 
it was kicking everywhere and being a pain. 
i smelt like a stinky dog afterwards. 
i hope the dog went back to its rightful owner, since it was wearing a collar afterall.

congrats for reaching the end :D

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