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Friday, August 6, 2010

school was just =='
afterschool though was a different story :D
i went w/ Cindy to get her lip pierced, 
i was so nervous for her but it wasn't as bad as i anticipated. 
i'm proud of her, for actually getting one since she wanted it for ages 
& she suits it, so no regretion or tears.

i decided to make my OWN tumblr,
 & leave the collaboration i did w/ Mary. 
i just wanted to express more of myself, then rather 
think 'would she like this background?' a bit too much of a hassel. 
so here's the link - follow, follow 
omfg, it's such a pain starting a new one; 
cause i have to follow so many people, and the email looking up contacts thing 
doesn't work, which is really time consuming. 
& my 'next page' button disappeared somewhere aswell. 

i think i may change my blogger skin over the weekends. 
extremely sick of the current one. 

adios amigos

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