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Pirates thought having an earring would improve their eyesight.
Monday, August 9, 2010

i'm pumped for premier league tomorrow, fingers crossed netball wins (YN)
anywho, after school i felt like going salvation army
which is near my houseish to get some button down tops.
i freggin' love vintage even more than new clothing from chain stores eg. dotti, sportsgirl
i bought a floral blouse (yes, another floral) for $7.
the best thing is, it's a top & it can also be turned into a blazer/jacket.
i also got a brown over the shoulder bag & a floral clutch thang.
and all of these things looked as good as new :)
there was a very pretty cream button down top, with ruffles in the middle.
but i decided not to get it, but now i'm regretting it.
maybe next week, hopefully noone buys it.

was watching 'what a girl wants' before, it's a alright movie 
but nothing beats a Cinderella story. 
currently watching Criminal Minds, pretty freaky.

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